Volunteer: A Great Way To Experience Nicaragua

“Experience Nicaragua” combines the opportunity to learn Spanish and to be a volunteer in three different locations in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur, Granada, Leon. We make it possible to access more than 50 volunteer organizations in these cities. With ‘Experience Nicaragua’ you can sign up for intensive in-country Spanish courses and lessons specialized for volunteers via the internet.

For volunteers or Spanish students, we offer accomodations and housing with a large list of of hostes families who take care of students and volunteers in their cities. Accomodations include: 3 meals a day, private or shared rooms, for individuals, couples, friends or families.

To provide a convenient entry into the country, we have airport pickup service that will take you to the city where you have selected to start your program with “Experience Nicaragua”. Also in the program price we have included transportation service between the cities of: San Juan del Sur, Granada, and Leon.

Please feel free to check out our programs and economical proposals for Spanish study, to be a volunteer or combine Spanish and volunteering.