One Of The World’s Best Kept Travel Secrets

For many years, Nicaragua was a place that most regular tourists would never visit. The country was only popular among adventure travelers and backpackers who were not looking for luxury. However, the situation has changed dramatically over the past few years and Nicaragua now is a travel destination with a lot of to offer. It has risen to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America, a favorite spot for tourists seeking a relatively inexpensive, but a more realistic tourist experience.

If you are planning a trip soon, here are some of the amazing things to do in Nicaragua that you should definitely give a try:

Surfing the great beaches
Nicaragua has several beautiful sandy beaches with warm water that provide tourists with undiscovered coastal treasures. These beaches provide an excellent surfing spot, with equipment rentals going for as low as $10 a day. Lessons are also available for those who don’t know how to surf at very affordable prices. On top of surfing, these beaches are great party spots.

Hiking the mountains and volcano boarding
Nicaragua has 25 volcanic mountains, which offer an amazing view of other mountains and the natural beauty of the country when hiking. Most volcanoes in the country are covered in slippery gravel, which makes them perfect for volcano boarding, an adventure sport created by the locals where you set a board on the top of the mountain and fly down the slope either sitting or standing on it. While the speeds are not that great like in snowboarding, the adrenaline and the thrill of this strange game makes it very amusing.

Party at the festivals
Nicaraguans love partying, and there are plenty of festivals all the year round that keep the party life going. The largest of these festivals is the Carnival, held in March every year. The festival features infectious drumbeats and stunningly dressed dancers on the streets of major cities in the country. There is also the San Sebastian Festival held in January, and Easter and Christmas parties. On top of these festivals, Nicaragua has an amazing nightlife, especially in most beach towns, where you can also be sure to catch amazing pool parties.

Enjoy the local cuisine
Another one of the top things to do in Nicaragua is to enjoy the local dishes. Unlike other Latin countries that offer limited food choices, Nicaragua offers a variety of delicacies, and they come at a great price. From pork, chicken, vegetables served at restaurants around the country to snacks such as corn tortillas and dough served with meat at local food vendors, Nicaraguan cuisine is a must have when you visit the country.

Shop at the Nicaragua markets
Like all the other Latin American countries, you will find several markets at the heart of various cities around Nicaragua. These markets are great shopping spots where you can buy anything from food to clothing, house-ware, jewelry, and handicraft items at a very reasonable price.

The amazingly clear water and tropical climate make Nicaragua a boater’s paradise for skiing, fishing, sailing, or just drifting around. Boat rentals and sales are available. Vessels are available with many amenities such as waterproof marine speakers and loudspeaker systems. Fire up the music on a party barge to dance the night away, or crank up the tunes while you water ski. It’s all available at Nicaragua’s beautiful coastal marinas.

Scuba diving
Nicaraguan sea life is largely unexplored, has few dive boats, undamaged coral reefs and plenty of marine life. This makes it perfect for tourists who love scuba diving. There are several islands around the country, such as the Little Corn Island, where you can find great diving spots. The island also has a friendly, small diving communities and great accommodation as well as lots of places to enjoy the local delicacies during your stay there.

Nicaragua is a largely undiscovered tourist destination, but this is changing very fast as tourists all over the world discover the beauty that the country has to offer. If you have not visited the country yet, it is time to start planning for your trip.