About Us

Experience Nicaragua offers a travel experience like no other. Not only do we offer excellent travel tours with experienced guides, but we incorporate the opportunity to learn Spanish and volunteer to help various charitible organizations.

Experience Nicaragua was born from a dream of Nette Grorud, a citizen of Norway who came to volunteer in Nicaragua in 2009. She spent her time in the community of Granada working in a daycare for children. To expand her knowledge of other volunteer opportunities, she also helped on two other projects.

Nette visited the cities of Leon, Granada and Rivas to learn more about Nicaraguan culture. This inspired her to start a new organization that offers opportunities for others that have a desire to volunteer to help support communities in latin america, bringing hope to those in need. Her experience as a volunteer herself was invaluable based on her analysis of the real situation and the cost of living in a country like Nicaragua.

‘Experience Nicaragua’ is responsible for arranging everything you need to make this experience a reality for you. We arrange for transportation, lodging and also classes. Our goal is to make this a life changing experience for you. It is the summer vacation of a lifetime, a chance to experience a new country, make new friends, learn Spanish, and help others as a volunteer.

“The experience has had a huge impact on me, and has changed my life” … Nette Grorud


Alberto Sándigo,
Nicaragua Director and co-founder
Experience Nicaragua


Nette Grorud
International Director and Founder
Experience Nicaragua