Learn Spanish

Experience Nicaragua” Spanish language program, strives to give students a comprehensive understanding of not only Spanish, you will learn about the culture, history, and socio-economic conditions of Nicaragua.

Our Spanish program is geared to the needs and abilities of each program participant.

Instruction is personalized with individual classes and lessons structured to goals and interests of each student.

Our Spanish Intensive course includes:

– 4 hours all Spanish instruction per day, in the mornings, Monday – Friday (usually 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) with a short break.

– Class materials are included in the price. Each student receives one Spanish grammar textbook according to ones owns level.

– The program´s method encourages direct learning through demonstration, experience, and practice at all levels with more in-depth explanation and demonstration of grammar and other elements at the intermediate and advanced levels.

– Experienced teachers, dedicated, outgoing, and will make learning Spanish a pleasant and fun experience for all our students.

– The Class size is one to one or 2 students maximum per class. Class size depends on the number and level of each student attending classes at the same time.

– 3 cultural activities during the afternoons, that may include visits to neighboring towns, museums, cooperatives, markets, artisan shops, small factories, and handiwork groups of women and youth people in communities.

– Homestay with a private and clean room, closet (or a deposit for your clothes), with access to the bathroom and with full board per day. Also your own keys of your room and keys of the host family house.

We have the Intensive Spanish program available in the following locations:

1: Granada: The most beautiful ancient and colonial city of Nicaragua.

2: San Juan del Sur: The beach, the sun, the fishers community.

3: Leon: The museums city and revolution history.